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Papillon Psychotherapy Services

Cindy Elkerton, Registered Psychotherapist



Posted on December 9, 2018 at 1:50 PM

Every person carries out two kinds of mental processes: how we take in information, and how we make decisions about that information. Everyone has preferred ways of using these mental processes.

It has been observed that we all live in two worlds: the outer world of things, people and events, and the inner world of our own thoughts, feelings, and reflections. Each person has a preference for either the outer world or the inner world. The preferences are innate — inborn predispostions — and they are shaped by environmental influences, such as family, culture, and education. 

People who prefer extraversion direct their energy and attention outward. They are focused on the outer world of people and activity. People who prefer introversion direct their energy and attention inward. They are focused on their inner world of ideas and experiences. We all use both preferences, but usually not with equal comfort.

People who prefer sensing focus on present realities, verifiable facts, and experience. People who prefer intuition focus on future possibilities, the big picture, and insights. We all use both ways of perceiving, but typically we prefer and trust one more.

People who prefer thinking make their decisions based on impersonal, objective logic. People who prefer feeling make their decisions based on personal priorities and relationships. Both processes are rational, we use both, but usually not with equal ease.

People who prefer judging want the external world to be organized and orderly. They look at the world and see decisions that need to be made. People who prefer perceiving seek to experience the world, not organize it. They look at the world and see options that need to be explored. We all use both attitudes, but usually not with equal comfort. 

To find out your personalized personality assessment, book an appointment today. This will help you better understand your relationships and your motivations.

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